A unique electro-conductive carbon black that has received favourable evaluations for its superior performance and stability of quality. Mixed with plastic, rubber or other materials, KETJENBLACK has garnered high marks for providing the same level of electro-conductivity with a lower loading quantity as conventional carbon black.


DBP absorption (cm3/100g) 495 (15g method )
BET surface area (m2/g) 1270
Volatiles (%) 0.7
pH 9.0
Ash content (%) 0.10
Primary particle radius (nm) 34.0


Electro-conductive fillers used in resin compounds, battery materials, paint, colorant, toner etc.

This product is made up of particles that are incredibly small and will become airborne when the material is scooped, moved or mixed. Always wear protective gloves and a dust mask when handling this product in its raw state.


10g, 50g

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