Product Description:

Milled carbon fibre is a very short strand-length (100µm) fibrous powder manufactured from recycled carbon fibre. Use of milled carbon fibre in a range of applications can significantly improve mechanical properties (tensile strength and modulus), dimensional stability, batteries, super capacitors and electrical/electrostatic conductivity.

Significantly Stronger Plastics

Milled carbon fibres can be added to thermoplastics, such as Nylon, for injection moulding applications as well as thermoset resins such as epoxy, polyurethane and polyester resin for cold casting or vacuum casting.

For example, adding around 10% by weight milled carbon fibres to a traditional FastCast Polyurethane Casting Resin will transform an often too-brittle plastic into a far stronger material with increased tensile strength (snap/breaking strength) and durability. Adding the milled fibres to epoxy casting resin can improve an already high performance cast plastic into an incredibly strong composite with mechanical properties to rival the toughest thermoplastics for strength and durability.

Improving Dimensional Stability

Due to carbon fibre’s incredibly low coefficient of thermal expansion (CTE), adding milled carbon fibres to a range of casting, laminating and coating resins and paints will significantly increase the thermo-dimensional stability of the cured product.

The very high tensile strength and isotropic orientation of milled carbon fibres also reduces shrinkage and distortion in cast or laminated composite materials.

Electrical Conductivity / Antistatic Properties

Because carbon fibre is eclectically conductive, milled carbon fibres can be mixed into paints, resins and other materials to make them electrically conductive or anti-static. Polymers containing milled carbon fibre can be engineered for resistivity from anti-static, through static dissipative to conductive, depending on the fibre content.

Milled Carbon Fibre can be added to:

Polyurethane casting resins
Polyester casting resins
Epoxy casting and tooling resins
Polyurethane paints and coatings
Epoxy paints and epoxy coating resins
Thermoplastics such as Nylon for injection moulding

This product is made up of particles that are incredibly small and will become airborne when the material is scooped, moved or mixed. Always wear protective gloves and a dust mask when handling this product in its raw state.

Pack Sizes
Our Milled Carbon Fibre is sold by weight and is available in 25 and 100g


25g, 100g

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